• Do you accept my insurance?  We have decided to not participate as in-network providers for any insurance companies.  This decision allows us to provide the highest quality of care without arbitrary restrictions frequently imposed by insurers.  This allows us to spend all of our time providing excellent care 1:1 every visit and not hassling with insurance companies. However, we are happy to provide you with the documentation you need to submit your claim for reimbursement.  Check with your plan to better understand your out of network benefit.  Most clients end up paying for 30-40% of the cost of treatment.  Sometimes that is less than their co-pay!


  • How do I know what my out of network benefit is?  Follow this link to our helpful checklist that will walk you through the right questions to ask. 


  • What should I wear to my appointments?  Please wear clothing that will allow for easy assessment of the area for which you are seeking treatment.   Tank tops are helpful for neck and shoulder issues and shorts or leggings make hip and knee assessments easier.  If you are coming in for a sports assessment please bring the footwear that is appropriate to your sport.


  • How long are appointments?  Your first appointment will be 1 hour in length.  During this time your PT will take a history, perform an examination, and work with you to set goals for your recovery.  Expect to leave that first visit with a clear understanding of your issue and what can be done to help.  You should also expect to leave with a bit of homework!  Follow up appointments will vary depending on your needs and generally range from 30-60 minutes.


  • What is the difference between PT and PT integrated Pilates?  Formal PT addresses a current issue you are having that is affecting your daily life.  This type of PT is generally short in duration and is focused on a specific area of your body.  PT integrated Pilates is a form of mind-body exercise that bridges the gap between rehabilitation and fitness.  Many clients find they enjoy the whole body approach of Pilates and appreciate the guidance of a PT as they exercise. 


  • I’ve done Pilates in the past, do I have to do an introductory package?  No, but you do need to have at least one assessment performed by a PT.  We tailor our small group classes to meet the needs of the students and it is important we have a thorough understanding of your needs and your body’s ability.  This also gives us an opportunity to make sure we are speaking the same language when it comes to Pilates as there are a lot of different approaches.


  • How large are group classes?  We accept no more than 4 students for reformer classes and no more than six for our MOTR or Bohdi classes.  This allows for more individualized instruction.



  • I really want to try Pilates but don’t think I can afford it – can you help?  The best answer I have is to recruit a friend or two.  Duo and Trio sessions can make for a fun class and make your investment in your wellness more affordable.



  • What is a Wellness Checkup?  This service is a way to stay in touch with your body and your provider.  Just like you go to the dentist every 6 months we recommend a visit with us every 6 months.  Our first visit includes a thorough history, assessment, and time for goal setting.  We’ll work together to set up an exercise plan.  Then we follow up with you in 6 months to check in with your goals, re-assess strength, balance, flexibility…anything that you wanted to work on and see if something needs to change.   As an incentive, all wellness package clients receive a 10% discount on any group classes throughout the year.

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