• Carrie A. Lamb

WFPB = Whole Food Plant Based

What does it mean to be whole-food plant-based? Is that different than being a vegan? What do you eat?

I'm asked these questions a lot and wanted to take a minute to share what I've learned. I recently completed a program in plant-based nutrition offered by eCornell University and had the opportunity to learn from those who have been champions of this way of eating since their research that began in 1983! I am more committed than ever to continue this way of life and to share what I've learned.

Whole-food plant-based (WFPB) is a way of eating that emphasizes natural food vs processed food and does not include any meat, dairy, eggs, or honey. Many products exist in the market such as nut milk, nut-based cheese substitutes, processed "fake" meat products but these are not generally considered to be a part of a true WFPB diet. The term Vegan, while primarily plant-based, does not imply a restriction of processed foods or oils. Additionally, it conveys an ethical choice to avoid animal and animal-derived products based on animal welfare. While many WFPB eaters are committed to animal welfare issues some choose this way of eating for health or environmental reasons as well.

We have had a fun journey as a family cooking, meal planning, and trying new things. I'll keep posting some of our favorite recipes - feel free to share yours too!

Here are a few great resources if you're interested in exploring all the benefits of a WFPB lifestyle.





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