Carrie’s terrific.  I know because I had long-standing hip and back pain that just wouldn’t improve in spite of my work with many fine health professionals.  But, under Carrie’s care, I finally made real progress in strength, function and pain reduction.  My well-being has improved….I thank Carrie for that.  She is a gifted therapist who combines her deep understanding of anatomy and movement with an advanced Pilates approach aimed at core strengthening and stabilization.  Her small classes are targeted to each participant’s needs with great attention to form and detail.  And, she is caring and committed….totally committed.


As a former therapist myself, I’m a bit discriminating.  I can’t imagine a finer physical therapy clinician.


~Margie Feinberg

I met Carrie two or three years ago after another orthopedic procedure… I’ve had too many. I was dissatisfied with my past PT experiences and thanks to the referral of another PT found her.  She knows bodies and how they move.  With traditional PT, Pilates and a tool .... core align .... and mostly a good eye she helps your challenged area while concerned on its effect on the whole body. She does all that with a kind, considerate and friendly approach. I highly recommend Carrie.


Carrie is a gifted and knowledgeable Pilates and Core Align instructor. I have benefitted greatly from her expertise. She helped me regain my strength after shattering my ankle. She pushes me while always keeping in mind my particular weaknesses, protecting me from injury. Carrie’s classes are always fresh and challenging and so much fun. I can’t say enough great things about Carrie. She is The Best!


 Carrie Lamb is a thoughtful, creative, and well educated Pilates and Core instructor. I feel very safe in her classes and motivated.  I am grateful to have been introduced to her. Lois 

I really appreciated how clear Carrie Lamb was as an instructor. She was very easy to learn from and follow. I enjoyed her use of props and her willingness to be creative. She is someone I can respect, she is humble and kind therefore she is someone who is easy to learn from. The CoreAlign manual is so much better than the previous version! It is very good at giving a larger picture and then adding in the details as we go. I love the pictures and the theory. Very well done and so much improved!!! Thank you for a great instructor and a fabulous manual!

I have been attending Workshops for 12 years!! All levels with Stott Pilates. I will share, Carrie Lamb! Is by far the best Teacher I have had the honors! Her genuine way of teaching & knowledge is very unique! The course was excellent! However Carrie’s approach and her passion is what I love about being a Pilates owner of my studio and continue to promote mindful movement!!

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